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VR without the glasses TM

We are a 3D hologram production studio. We design and create interactive immersive experiences merging online tech with reality that’s visible to the naked eye. It’s VR but without the glasses. We bring creativity into a business in an efficient and scalable manner. We achieve this by developing the holograms in Ireland, loading them to a cloud based system that syncs to hologram machines around the world.

The future of Communication

If you want to create a memorable and unique brand experience for your customers, whatever industry you’re in, whether it’s Culture, Education, Health, Events, Science, Retail, Tourism, Travel or Business, we can help you stand out and communicate in a unique way, through our 3D visualisation holograms, increasing dwell time, increasing understanding, increasing communication recall and as a result increased sales with increases in key performance indicators for your organisation.

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3D Hologram Visualisation


Culture, Heritage, Education, Business, Art, Luxury, Entertainment, Events

Use Cases

Brand experiences, Education, Communication, Entertainment, Product Activation, Brand Activation, Complex Concepts, Training.

3D hologram and AR production studio that designs and creates interactive immersive experiences merging online tech with reality resulting in XR (combining VR, AR and MR) experiences that are visible to the naked eye. Our team includes concept designers, UI/UX specialists, programmers, animators, 3D modellers, riggers, project and account managers with international business experience.

Our Story

Our mission is to bring the magic of 3D interactive visualisation into everyday life through our client projects in industries that include  the Luxury, Art, Entertainment, Business, and Culture and Heritage sectors by entertaining, inspiring and educating people through the power of visualisation, harnessing the creative minds of our teams and nurturing innovation.

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