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3D Hologram Productions for Education

Education Reimagined 

We create 3D educational and anatomical model holograms for the classroom.  These models are matched to the Irish and UK education framework for secondary schools. 
We can also create specific models as requested for your institution.


Supporting Student Engagment

Education is the route out of poverty.

Full participation in school can often be a luxury that those in poorer families cannot afford. Due to outside pressures or even the need to work to supplement their family’s income, these children are more likely to experience educational failure, damaging their results in school and making it more difficult to find oppurtunities in a professional setting in the future. For the first time, it doesn’t matter what postal address you come from.

3D visualisation levels the playing field by focusing on student engagment first and foremost, keeping students interested in the lesson in order to aid in information recall later down the line. With the creation of our PHS Camera App students can even take the lesson home with them, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

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We produce realistic, high resolution 3D holograms that are medically, anatomically and scientifically accurate, aiming to provide a fully immersive means to explore complex topics in a much more intuitive way.

Whether your course calls for delving into the detailed systems of the  human body, exploring evolution or  even uncovering the mysteries of the earth itself, PHS stands ready to help guide your students to a more nuanced understanding of any topic. 


Through the use of cutting edge animation techniques and research into student engagement, our holograms dramatically increase the speed at which topics can be taught, as well aiding in information retention and recall. PHS strives to provide as much clarity as possible to students who otherwise might be overwhelmed by these often incredibly complex areas of study. This includes considerations made for those with dyslexia and impaired vision, as well as the gradual reveal of information and labels to allow educators time to explain or further elaborate on specific details.
Gone are the days of overly complicated static diagrams with a wordcount resembling that of a novel, it’s time to become more efficient.



In consultation with our client institutions, we determine how best to approach creating an immersive representation of the coursework they would like to cover, while at all times considering the engagement of the students through the aesthetic style and functionality of the hologram. We design the 3D elements and overall composition in our lab, tailoring our work to the institution’s needs and making use of every tool at our disposal to provide the absolute best experience possible for the students.

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Our system is dynamic, meaning we can change content as you require. This allows for multiple curricullums to be covered, or even changes to be made to existing holograms to match current scientific findings and educational standards as they change over the years.

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We have years of experience in producing quality content for top brands with a proven track record in high levels of customers service.  This experience has allowed us to develop streamlined systems to produce top quality content in the fastest time possible for our valued clients.   

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