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3D Hologram Productions for Museums


We design and create interactive XR immersive experiences that merge online tech with reality and that’s visible to the naked eye.  It’s VR but without the glasses ™.



Two hundred and thirty million visitors attended museums in 2019 whilst thirty thousand people stand in front of the Mona Lisa daily. In America more people now visit an art museum, science centre, historic houses or sites than attend a professional sporting event. For visitors to the museum it is an enlightening and educational experience that allows them to reconnect with what they value in life. However, museums are faced with not only attracting day trippers but retaining them. Problems include; visitors not being able to find a specific piece of information, tourists leaving too soon because they are bored, followed by missing key lessons and facts from the exhibits.

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Until now exhibition enhancements have been constrained. Most content has had to be reduced to fit into a printed booklet, A4 sheet or a reduced story length experience due to lack of space whether printed or physical. This means many stories are getting lost and over time cultural experiences are reduced. Our 3D holograms bring lost stories back to life, are an attraction in themselves and retain visitor attention as they appear in thin air without the need for specialist VR glasses.


We help your visitors feel more engaged with your exhibits by creating a story that they can become a part of.  Our Immersive exhibits (XR) take your visitors into another world and allow them to feel like they are experiencing the story you are presenting –  rather than just reading about it. This ground breaking technology allows us to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for your guests.  You can bring a dinosaur to life, witness a Leonardo DaVinci flying machine, see a medieval townscape in 3D, learn about a horses beating heart at rest and at speed.  Walk with dinosaurs for real.



In consultation with our client museums, we determine who their target audience is and create a theme and animation design that will appeal to them. We design the 3D exhibits and elements with that audience in mind. Whether we are designing for a small, local exhibit at a visitor attraction that is focused on the community, or a larger exhibit meant to draw visitors from afar, our team will craft an immersive experience that makes people want to visit and talk about your museum.

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Our system is dynamic, meaning we can change content as you require. This allows smaller museums and visitor attractions to have greater display functionality. Depending on your requirements we can add new content weekly, monthly or for special events. We load the new content to our cloud based technology which then syncs with your machine automatically.

3d holograms extinct animals planet hologram studios

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We have years of experience in producing quality content for top brands with a proven track record in high levels of customers service.  This experience has allowed us to develop streamlined systems to produce top quality content in the fastest time possible for our valued clients.   

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