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3D Hologram Productions for Fan Brand Experience

TG4 Circom Event

The Prix CIRCOM has been in existence for more than 31 years. It is the showcase for the best television programmes produced and broadcast by the public service regional stations in Europe. Winning an award does not just mean money and a trophy – it means professional kudos for the winning TV station and a valuable line in a personal curriculum vitae.  TG4 (Ireland’s Irish TV station) asked the Planet Hologram Studios team to create and showcase our 3D Holograms.  This was the first ever 3D hologram production by a TV station.


Planet Hologram Studios were  invited to be there as one of the most exciting media tech startups.  Through the use of cutting edge AR and 3D animation techniques, lived experience and research into fan brand experiences, our 3D holograms  and AR content dramatically increase the speed at which information can be delivered, as well aiding in information retention and recall.   

PHS strives to ‘design for all’ giving as much clarity as possible to those who otherwise might be excluded with more traditional forms of fan and brand engagement vehicles.  This includes considerations made for those with dyslexia and impaired vision, as well as the gradual reveal of information and labels to allow educators time to explain or further elaborate on specific details.  The tech is inclusive as it does not require any special VR glasses.

Those who came to see us at Circom included visitors from some of the most famous European TV stations including Sky, BBC etc. 

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the PHS team  have years of experience in producing quality content for top brands with a proven track record in high levels of customers service.  This experience has allowed us to develop streamlined systems to produce top quality content in the fastest time possible for our valued clients.  

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