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Custom AR Filters for Your Business
Published: July 29, 2021

Ever thought of commissioning Custom AR Filters for your business?

If you read our most recent blog from our sister company, The Business Fairy: You’ll know that likes and hashtags are slowly becoming the less relevant measurement of how well your Instagram page is doing, and it’s engagement that’s becoming key for gaining a stronger Instagram page.

AR Filters are a great way of gaining engagement online for your business. Best of all, they tend to be underutilized, which means there’s an unsaturated space for you to create engaging content for your audience to enjoy.



What is Instagram AR?

AR, more formally known as ‘Augmented Reality’ is something you’ve probably already seen, but not heard of. You might be familiar with the cute filters that turn your face into a puppy on Instagram Stories. Well, that’s an example of AR FIlters on Instagram. They are composed by animators and designers who know how to master 3D models and software to create an effect that augments the world seen through your smartphone’s camera. Instagram AR filters are not to be confused with built-in image preset filters though – those change the overall look and colour of your photos before you publish them.


How can Instagram AR help my business?

IG filters using AR are a great way to amplify the engagement of your next social media marketing campaign. AR Filters work for so many types of businesses, but we particularly suggest that if your business is currently on Instagram and is looking for ways of increasing engagement (particularly towards a millennial or gen z audience), then an AR filter is going to be a good fit for your brand.

Another great example is if you are marketing a product, augmented reality could be a great idea to facilitate a virtual try on (check Ace and Tate who use this method on their eCommerce website) or you are looking to increase the shareability of branded content for an event than a AR filter is the ideal solution.

In 2019 over 500 million users were engaging with Instagram Stories on a daily basis, which reportedly has increased over the course of the pandemic. A recent study showed that over 60% of business accounts are increasing their monthly engagement by incorporating an interactive element into their Instagram Stories. Once you are listed in Instagram. new followers will be able to find your filters. Every time a user shares an image using your VR filter you are widening your audience even further.

Another great thing about AR Filters is that like Reels, they are an evergreen source of content, meaning that your filters will have a longer lifespan than just a few days like a traditional post.


Our Services

So after reading about AR Filters and how great they can be for your website, you may be wondering where to start.  Our animation crew have been working on some amazing AR filters lately. Check out our Wonder Woman filter below to see how the filters work in real life:

Wonder Woman Instagram FIlter

We create customer centric experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality including immersive experiences and 3D holograms. At our core we are storytellers and we help our clients communicate their story whether it is about their history, service or product.

Another example is our Dancing Spiderman filter which you can see how to use below:

Spiderman Instagram Filter

To use these filters yourself, head to our Instagram account and enjoy!

Grogu AR Instagram FIlter

We create the world and all the objects within it, we can also create 3D model characters and place those characters in your customers’ real world via their mobile phone. We merge the real world with our virtual reality. Contact if you’d like some AR filter work done. Create your own world 🌍


If you want to create a memorable and unique brand experience for your customers, whatever industry you’re in, whether it’s Culture, Education, Health, Events, Science, Retail, Tourism, Travel or Business, we can help you stand out and communicate in a unique way, through our 3D visualisation holograms, increasing dwell time, increasing understanding, increasing communication recall and as a result increased sales with increases in key performance indicators for your organisation.

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